Android Phone Cleaner App - Maximize Android Performance (2018 Updated).

Has your device been freezing a lot lately? Are you running out of enough space to install new apps or take more photos? Has your battery been draining quicker than ever? Does your device overheat very fast and takes very long to cool itself?

More often than not, almost all Android smartphones fail to work efficiently beyond a point. A junk cleaner in this situation will help you release valuable disk space and CPU usages.

And after it is done cleaning, your device will feel like it just came out of the box.

Best Android Cleaner App - ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner is the perfect android cleaner tool that scores heavily in this category. This junk cleaner sets the bar quite high for other cleaning apps on the Play Store due to its functionality.

It is the best cleaner for your crazily running slow phone. Android Phone Cleaner is the ultimate all in one tool for Android lovers that takes care of junk removal and restore storage space.

By keeping your system organized and clutter free, the application lets you become master of your own device.  You also get a phone booster, battery saver and virus scanner among other functions.

ITL Phone Cleaner helps you clean your RAM and boost speed by terminating unwanted app running in the background. Furthermore, it uses an advanced process monitoring technique to keeps your device functioning as good as new.

Apart from cleaning, it can also boost the speed of your phone by up to 60%. Following is a rundown of all the features that helps you clean your phone.

Features that make ITL Phone Cleaner Android Cleaner App Stand Out

ITL Phone Cleaner is one of the most popular Android cleaners available for Android users. The app lets users have easy access to scan for junk and residue files that accumulate over time. What is more? It has additional functions to boost and protect your phone.

Here’s a list of the most highlighted features of ITL Phone Cleaner
·         Junk Cleaner
·         Phone Booster
·         Social Cleaner
·         Battery Saver
·         Duplicate Photos Remover
·         App Manager
·         Antivirus for Android

Clean Up with Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner optimizes your Android device’s performance by tracing files and folders left behind by apps while uninstalling. It frees up space by deleting them from phone memory. As the fastest and best Android cleaner apps on Google Play Store, it deletes junk files without compromising system data in any way.

Here’s what Junk Cleaner does:
·         It offers a one-tap cleanup feature to scan and remove junk files.
·         The app cleans cache, junk files, empty folders, APKs and other residue files to regain valuable storage space.
·         With more storage capacity, you will get better performance out of your Android device.
·         It lets you select and delete large unwanted files that has been unnecessary cluttering memory.
·         The app stops annoying apps from running on the background thus accelerating device speed.
·         It is a powerful user friendly module offering highest level of efficiency while clean up.

Boost up with Phone Booster

Phone Booster clears RAM with merely one tap. This module can speed up slow performance, uninstall unimportant apps and optimize memory to boost the performance of your device. Releasing RAM increases your gaming speed by up to 50-60% for a super-fast gaming experience. It also provides user with a lot of options to customize boosting according to individual preferences.

Here’s what Phone Booster does:
·         This module takes care of CPU performance to accelerate your phone.
·         Also, it happens to be an optimization speed booster for Android device.
·         The app lets you customize GPS, Brightness and Wi-Fi for lesser power consumption and better boost.
·         It releases RAM memory and blocks unimportant background applications while playing games.

Manage media with Social Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner offers you the best way to clean your social media files. Now delete all sent and received files like never before.

Here’s what Social Cleaner does:
·         It analyzes and scans all media files on your Android phone.
·         It offers a list of unnecessary data that needs cleaning.
·         The app will let you delete unnecessary cache data accumulated from various social media apps.

Extend battery life with Battery Saver

Another professional module by ITL Phone Cleaner, battery saver protects battery health of your Android smartphone to help you enjoy a longer-lasting battery power. The app instantly finds and fixes all power consumption related issues and gives your phone an incredible boost.

Here’s what Battery Saver does:
·         It optimizes battery health and extend battery life.
·         It clearly display the status of battery life, battery capacity and temperature.
·         The app manages WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness and GPS settings.
·         All power settings can be customized according to your convenience.

Delete duplicates with Duplicate Photos Remover

This module lets you delete multiple duplicate and similar photos in one go. It is the fastest way to cleaning your photo gallery and of course optimizing your phone in the process. Get your device the much required boost.

Here’s what Duplicate Photos Remover does:
·         It smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos captured from your phone camera or those saved in your device.
·         You can even set ideal matching levels to customize the accuracy level.
·         You do not have to go through each and every photo manually and thus save a lot of time.

Protect your device with Antivirus for Android

Antivirus  monitors your device for virus attacks and acts immediately if any threat is found. It is a user friendly Antivirus module that offers an innovative approach to detecting viruses and other vulnerabilities.

Here’s what Antivirus for Android does:
·         The app detects malicious programs by scanning your device and delete them instantly.
·         It protects your device by offering free Antivirus solutions.

ITL Phone Cleaner - A Free Cleaner Tool

ITL Phone Cleaner is a free cleaner tool for your Android device. Other than junk cleaning, it also works as a phone booster, social cleaner, battery saver, duplicate photos remover and virus scanner which makes it quite impressive compared to other Android cleaners.

What makes this app unique is that its lets user set customized profiles to scan and delete unused apps according to your convenience. 

ITL Phone Cleaner works as a one-tap cleaner app, lets you choose what to delete and takes care of the rest.

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