How Content Delivery Networks(CDN) Can Improve SEO?

Content delivery networks or content distribution networks are network servers that are geographically scattered across the world to deliver information to an end user based on their location. The closer the CDN, the faster content will be delivered to the end user. Wondering how the system is capable of delivering information/ content at a faster pace. Here’s the answer, The CDN will create multiple copies of similar pages on a network of servers (which are geographically dispersed) when user requests for a web page the content delivery network will redirect the server request to the nearest CDN network that has the web page. Thus, making the content availability more prudent and even improve the web page delivery. What more do we need that a fast response?

CDN’s have evolved into a transparent system which we involuntarily interact on a daily basis. Regardless of the type of content we interact with, there is a high probability that CDN’s plays an important role in delivering it with the best response. Latency (the delay to provide information when the user needs it the most) lead way to the creation of content distribution networks. Mid we are living in an era where the customer demands to have the relevant information in a short notice. Micro moments where an end user is looking for a fast solution, a delay may cause confusion and frustration among the users.

How CDN’s Help affect SEO
When measuring online success, visibility will be one primary factor. Google considers page loading speed as one important factor to determine the website's ranking on Search Engine Results Page. Guess what, CDN’s can help improve your website loading speed. With this integrated network, a large amount of data can be effectively channelized without any interruption. A fast responses will played an impartial role in boosting customer experience.

Consider that your server is located in Bangalore. You published an article on your website and somebody in Hyderabad tries to access the information. Here the distance is one parameter that concludes the web loading speed. Say, that the POP’s (Point of Presences) is comparatively higher. Here the end user who is trying to access the information will be able to load the page at a higher loading speed (Eg: 1-2 sec). In case of someone who is trying to access the same information from Kashmir (considering that the presence of PoP’s is comparatively lesser, Or the edge server’s proximity to the user is high), may experience a higher loading time (Eg: 4-5 sec). This increase in page loading speed can affect the user experience factor of people trying to access the information from Kashmir.

There are numerous entities that provide robust CDN services. Incapsula is one among them. The Incapsula, a CDN provider that makes use of intelligent catch control option, page optimization/ minimization, high speed storage facilities,  etc which helps to boost the website performance in terms of providing information in a short span. Incapsula enabled CDN’s uses intelligent machine learning’s to actively cache routinely/ dynamically created files without compromising the freshness of the data/ content. The technology also encapsulated measures to bandwidth consumption. 

How CDN’s Benefit SEO

Content is the core component of SEO. A high quality content that addresses the issues/ problems the targeted customers faces will extensively add value to the user. Great, You may have the best content but if you can’t deliver it across in a way that it's feasible for the user to access the information when needed, then all the pain and hard work you invested to create a quality content will be in vain.

Iconic SEO strategies are built around people. A customer centric approach where each step mitigates a customer issue and provides high user experience in terms of interacting and engaging with the website content. Delivering a high user experiences beguiles the user, forcing to interact more with the web page. More the user interacts with the webpage lower will be the bounce rate. A lower bounce rate acts as a significant yard stick reflecting that the web performance is high, and in near future, Google may consider the website to rank higher.

Most platforms have introduced voice search to make it simpler for people to interact/ navigate online. When comes to voice search (tools like Google Now, Cortana, etc) the response time is crucial. A delay will force the system to seek the next best possible answer.  

CDN’s adds an additional layer of security. Why mention it, consider that your website is hacked and you are forced to take it down for a while. Google will also consider the down time of a web page in determining the ranking on SERP. An inactive website clearly sends the message that the site can’t be trusted or is not properly maintained/ protected. We all protect our valuables. CDN’s also considers scalability, So that a high surge in traffic may not increase the risk factor of timeouts and page crashes.

A CDN also facilitates to provide same content across the globe without compromising the consistency. When comes to a brand, consistency in delivering the message plays an important role in determining the online success.

Parting Notes:

In brief, a CDN help reduces the distance between a lead/ prospect/ customer from your esteemed website. SEO is broad term, even though the contributions of CDN are significant, there are other crucial elements that need to be optimized in order to rank on SERP. CDN’s are not relevant if you are running a local business, where the target audience is from one particular location. In such cases adding an additional layer may increase the risk of severe response time.

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