3 Ways to Use Instagram Stories Ads for your Business

In the age of social media where billions of people are using it as a need, Instagram is one of the most crowded and biggest social media platforms. The picture sharing social media app was introduced in 2010, and in 7 years it is among the top social media platforms. Instagram just does not provide you an opportunity to share pictures and video clips with your friends and family, but it also gives you an excellent opportunity to market your business. Instagram is one of the best social media marketing sites and with 700 million daily active users Instagram has no deficiency of any target audience. A lot of big brands have an Instagram account for their product marketing, and a lot more are looking to join it soon. To run a successful Instagram campaign, you will need to be strategic, and you will need to make the most of Instagram features. Instagram has some excellent features and the one the added recently is the Instagram stories which let you share picture stories. Instagram stories are now also becoming Instagram stories ad, and they can prove excellent for your marketing. Here is what Instagram stories ad are:

Instagram Stories ads
As all of us who are using Instagram knows that Instagram story appears on your Instagram feed and stays there for 24hrs for others to watch. The Instagram stories ads are sponsored Instagram stories that can appear in between the stories of two people your follow. Instagram stories ads have been very successful, and they can be used very effectively for your business. You can pay for the Instagram stories ad, and you can reach a good amount of audience through it because Instagram stories are attractive and very catchy and get the user’s attention. Here below are three ways in which you can use Instagram stories for business

1- Create awareness of your brand and product

One of the most efficient ways you can use Instagram stories ads for is to build the awareness of your brand and your product or your service. This is very common sense because reach is always your primary goal and this is reaching people through Instagram stories. You can use a good picture in the story, or you can make a quick short video for the awareness and also ensure that you are mentioning your brand name in the picture or the video properly. Show your brand name in a way that it will catch the attentions off viewers. Many brands are using this technique, and it is proving very effective for them as well. So, the initial use of Instagram stories ads for your business should be the awareness of your brand.
Instagram stories ads get more engagement than normal Instagram ads. Instagram stories ads will help you buy Instagram likes and followers.

2- Call users to create user-generated content

In this hustle and bustle of social media marketing, one of the best ways of making your content is creating user generated content. User generated content aka UGC is considered as one of the most influential media for your social media marketing because it is not the business that creates the urge but users can. User generated content is obviously not something the brand can create itself, but you can always ask and encourage your audience to produce quality and creative content. Instagram stories ads can be helpful in calling the users for the UGC. You can reach to your audience with the help of the Instagram stories. UGC has always done wonders for business and using it in your Instagram stories can be handy.

3- Announce the discounts on products and sale through the Instagram stories ads

As Instagram stories ads can create brand awareness and can persuade users to create good user generated content, it can also be used to announce the latest sale and the most recent discounts on your various products as well. Who does not love sales and discounts and if you can get creative picture or video and can announce them with Instagram stories ads, it will prove effective to drive more audience to your business. Many brands are using the Instagram stories ads for announcing sales and discounts, and they have got excellent responses from it.
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