Why sudden Increase in application of Defence Jobs?

   One after and another economic disaster keep hitting us these days.  Youngsters are having a tough time to find jobs of their liking.  The job search has been tiring and all-consuming especially if you are trying to find a job in the private sector. Due to this many of the job seekers are eyeing government jobs. They give that one thing that the private sector fails to that is “job security “.  This glorious word has attracted tons of people to the world of government employment. This being said, it is not entirely true that you won’t get fired from a government job no matter what you do. There is accountability there too.  There is a considerable surge in the applications for defence jobs. One of the main reasons being that in this department there is no reservation in place.  Joining the armed forces would prove to be a very promising career option to many youngsters especially to those you could not do any under graduate program.  Being in the global position as now our Country could definitely use some young power in the forces. 

Why do youngsters choose to join the Defence Forces?


 One of the primary reasons this is a good idea is that the job provides a number of benefits .The benefits are not all financial. Employees cannot expect the salary grade that they would get from a corporate environment. But there are other benefits like study leave, low cost loans, medical concessions etc . What the salary lacks is made up by the benefits given. The monetary benefits are given in different forms like travel concessions, school admissions for children, medical expenses for family members.

Satisfaction on a personal level:

 There is a huge personal connection and sentiment towards this post .Serving your Motherland is  once in a lifetime opportunity , not everyone get to do it . This is one of the most prestigious and respectable positions someone could ask for. They go through breaking physical training and serve in the harsh, rough conditions. People everywhere admire them. Their discipline and dedication is spellbound. There is a very good reputation surrounding this job. The respect this career gains can attract many young individuals to the job.

Exciting adventures:

This job requires to go for many adventures.  You lead a life of victory, excitement and valor in the force. Youngsters these days do not want a boring 9 to 5 desk job, they want something that excites them. They want to play heroes in real life and have fun. In this career, you will be asked to do physically demanding work, interact with people from all over the country, eat and sleep in unfavorable places, travel all over the country. This could be appealing to the youth demographic.

Acquiring skills for the job:

 For the people who are technically inclined, this could be a great opportunity. You will work with high tech, military grade equipment. You will be gaining skills on both physical and mental levels,  that can take you places .  The military forces always encourage their team to be better. If you have ability in sports, they will even provide you with ample training and opportunities. Other than this if you are willing to pursue higher education of any sort you will be given preference in leading institutions. If a person is from a very economically unfortunate background this could be road to a better life.

Job security:

 As mentioned before job security is the thing that seals the deal.  This job gives people the sense of economic independence.  In the recent economic environment, finding a decent job is very difficult. This career ensures that you get paid an attractive sum with various amenities. There will no layoffs or pay cuts in this field. Everyone will get paid no matter the economic scenario.  There is only increments as you move up the rank in your job.  If a person is serving in difficult conditions, he will be given a suitable allowance.

After Retirement benefits:

 Not just when you have a job, even after you have left the job will be given many benefits. Benefits like good pension, medical amenities, educational loans, travel and ticket concessions are all provided for veterans. Since you will have gained numerous skills during your service period in the force, you will be highly qualifiable to any job you apply.

Travel and physical fitness:

 If an individual who like to travel and engage in multiple cultures, he might like to chooses this career path.  The servicemen would be given a leave of 60 days a year. He can travel anywhere and will be given a Leave travel Concession (LTC) paying for his travelling costs. Since they get transferred a lot in this job, they will be able to live interesting lives all over the country.

  Physical fitness could be a passion to many individuals. That will be greatly encouraged in this job. The servicemen are also given free gym and club memberships.


Many youngsters have a surge towards Nationalism. They dedicate themselves to their motherland India. They start preparing themselves for the Defence Exams and just want to fight like brave hearts. They feel an Adrenaline rush whenever, Indian Army, Airforce or Navy grows and develops to be the most powerful and biggest standing defence force in the world. They want to be a part of the legacy of Indian defence system.

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This career path is greatly welcomed to our youth community, either if they are willingly doing this or resorted to this as a last choice.  It is good thing that youngsters are attracted to this job opportunity,our nation needs the involvement of them for the betterment of our country.

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