Growing Case of Corona, Again UP is Lockdown From Friday Night Till Monday Morning

UP Lockdown News: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh on seeing the current ongoing coronavirus crisis in the country,  has announced to implement the lockdown once again in the entire state.


Lucknow: UP Lockdown News: In the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the country, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has declared to implement the lockdown once again in the entire state. In the state Uttar Pradesh, the lockdown will be implemented once again from 10 July on Friday night from 10 am to 13 July. Essential services will be allowed during the lockdown. Trains will service will work but bus services will be closed. Freight and air flights will also be unaffected by this lockdown. Along with this, shops of government and private offices, non-essential items, malls, and restaurants will remain closed.

The government will, however, allow incoming trains and passengers will be able to use special buses to go home. Along with this, work will continue on roads - highways and expressways. The figure of corona cases in Uttar  Pradesh has crossed 31 thousand and so far 845 people have lost their lives. There are currently more than 9 thousand 900 active cases in the state, whereas more than 20 thousand people were discharged after treatment.

 On Thursday the Health Ministry has said that in India, Current Covid-19 affected cases are 10 lakh, and the death rate is comparatively lowest in the world. Referring to World Health Organization (WHO) data, the government said that if the rate of infection per million (1 million) is calculated, the number of coronavirus cases in India is still very low. In the position of Corona cases, India ranks third after the United States and Brazil. The Ministry of Health has said that the number of people who get infection-free in the country is 1.75 times more than those undergoing treatment.

 Scheme to provide free food grains to migrant laborers extended till 31 August.  At the same time, cases of coronavirus in the country are increasing rapidly. The highest number of cases have been reported so far in the country on 9 July i.e. Thursday.

 The recovery rate of cases recovering from the corona case in the country has been 62.08%. At the same time, the positivity rate in the country is currently running at 9.31%. That is, out of all the samples being tested, 9.31 percent of the cases are positive.

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